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Amazon Magicpen Soldering Iron Tip Cleaner
Sotto Voce
Reviewed in the United States on July 14, 2023
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Reliable product

As advertised. Love it.

Jayson Zimmerman
Reviewed in the United States on June 9, 2023
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Works Great On Bare Brass

The soldering iron renewer works great on bare metals such as brass. All new soldering iron tips should be treated with this before they are put in service. This also works on restoring old, damaged soldering iron tips. Remember this puts durable tin on your soldering tip, you can’t put tin over rust, resin, or flux. Thoroughly clean your new/old tip first and keep your fingers off the metal to insure a good tin coating.

Kenzi Falk
Reviewed in the United States on July 13, 2023
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Brought my old crusty soldering iron tips back to life

This fluid did a quick job of bring my soldering tip back to a useable condition. The tip was covered in scale and oxidation. I heated it and dipped it in the fluid. It came out much cleaner, then I brushed it with a brass wire brush. That got most of the scale off, a second time made it bright enough to use for soldering. This is very easy to use and worked great for me. I would order it again.

Michael A. Kramer
Reviewed in the United States on July 8, 2023
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Excited to try

This is an unusual product that I didn’t know existed. I like the idea of not only purifying my soldering iron tops prior to use being just running them, but Adlai rejuvenating older, damaged tops. It includes instructive which seem simple enough and it appears that the amount you get, though not a large canister, will last for multiple usage. I’m excited to try this on my soldering irons (I’m still setting up my workspace as I am just getting into electronics and soldering.)

Reviewed in the United States on July 9, 2023
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I wish I knew of this stuff a long time ago

I never used a liquid soldering iron renewer before as I always just used a sal-ammoniac block when I needed it. This liquid soldering iron renewer is much better and works as described. Most of my soldering equipment hasn’t got much use yet but it worked great on my older stuff. I wish I knew of this stuff a long time ago. I don’t know how long one jar of magicpen soldering iron renewer will last but time will tell.

Crash Override
Reviewed in the United States on July 17, 2023
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My soldering iron tips worked well after treating with magicpen

I take care of my soldering iron tips so I didn’t really have any showing signs of serious wear, but they worked well after treating with this magicpen solder perfecter solution. Worth adding to the desktop for when you are soldering, especially with the cost of some of the weller soldering iron tips these days. C210 and TS100 tips aren’t the cheapest out there and anything that prolongs usability is worth it.

Reviewed in the United States on July 20, 2023
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This stuff is just amazing

I never heard of it before but now it’s a necessary part of my soldering kit. Just dip the soldering iron tip while hot and the soldering wire will stick so much better, and it doesn’t feel sticky at all. Amazing product. Highly recommended.

Reviewed in the United States on July 16, 2023
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It is magic

It just magically makes me a professional solderer

James Evans
Reviewed in the United States on July 14, 2023
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It actually works

I didn’t know what to expect honestly I thought this kind a thing couldn’t be true but so far I half to say it has potential, now I can’t speak for the forever part seeing how… well it’s a long way away but I will edit my review if the forever part should come early.

Nicholas Lagola
Reviewer Reviewed in the United States on August 7, 2023
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Works as expected

Performs as expected, quickly cleans dirty and overheated soldering iron tips. Pg86 75cj5

Roger Baxter
Reviewed in the United States on July 18, 2023
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I was very skeptical – But now I’m a believer!

This product sounded too good to be true. And its name with “Magicpen” included in it didn’t make me trust it any more, either. But just like so many other reviewers have indicated, if you try soldering iron renewer, you will like it.

Yoav Liberman
Reviewed in the United States on July 25, 2023
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Effective Results with Room for Improvement

I tested the Magicpen Solder Perfecter on an old weller soldering iron tip that required retinning. The product delivered on its promise to rejuvenate the old iron tip. After filing and sanding the tip, applying the Solder Perfecter worked wonders, leaving the tip renew and ready for use. I can confirm its effectiveness in restoring the tip’s functionality.

S. D.
Reviewed in the United States on July 4, 2023
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The product seems to work as claimed so all is well

I haven’t soldered in several years, but I had reason to again recently. My old soldering iron tip was pretty ugly looking but after a few rounds of this special sauce and soldering wire I got the tip looking clean and re-tinned shiny again. I was sort of expecting some sort of smell or smoke to burn off when I dipped it, but was glad to see it fizzled and bubbled for a second as the tip cooled in the mix and just a faint bit of smoke came off of it with no discernible scent etc. So unlike the flux/solder smoke, it seems harmless.

Eric F
Reviewed in the United States on July 24, 2023
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I highly recommend this and will be using it on every tip I have

I don’t know how this magicpen solder perfecter liquid works, or why it works so well, but I’m absolutely blown away by how well this works. I had a few old tips that were almost unusable. I would have to tin and clean them after every single use. Not every job, but literally, if I used a tip to desolder a component, I would have to go through a process to make sure it was good for the resoldering process.

I figured I’d try this stuff out instead of constantly buying a bunch of new tips. I was hoping that it would help a bit and maybe save me some time and solder wire, but I was not expecting it to be half as good as it ended up being. Magicpen soldering iron renewer made my tips better than brand new. The tips stay shiny and transfer soldering gun heat perfectly. I was expecting it to last a couple of uses then have to go through the process again, but so far, after a lot of use, my tips have stayed shiny and brand new looking.

Oscar Fomenko
Oscar Fomenko
Reviewed in the United States on June 1, 2023
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I care about quality

I’ve used Sal Ammoniac (a tinning block) on my soldering iron, brass wool, Scotch-brite pads, and wet sponges. The flyer in the packaging for this product seems to suggest it can fill cracks (in combination with their provided solder) but I couldn’t find any tips with cracks to test that. Overall magicpen solder perfecter cleaned the tip fine. I really love it. The magicpen exceeds my expectations of quality, durability and functionality.

Reviewed in the United States on June 4, 2023
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Works pretty well on an old worn-out tip

My husband does a lot of electrical prototyping and has several soldering irons around along with some old soldering iron tips. He’s used the ammonium chloride-based cleaners for years but was interested in trying magicpen solder perfecter since it makes some pretty bold claims about being odor free and not containing any harmful substances.

He had pretty low expectations for this but it did a pretty good job on the worn-out tip of an ancient Unger #7760 soldering iron that he’s had since he was a teenager back in the 80s. Magicpen solder perfecter did release some steam but no odors and after a few repetitions, the soldering wire flowed evenly over the tip. The solderin iron tip after it was cleaned with a brass sponge while hot and what it looked like after three cleaning-and-retinning using this solution. Recommend.

Will Miller
Reviewed in the United States on September 16, 2023
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My best soldering results were following these steps:

1. Clean cold tip. I used fine sand paper. 2. Heat soldering iron to 350 or max if no temp setting. 3. Add soldering wire to soldering iron tip as well as possible. My old soldering iron barely took any. 4. Dip in magicpen solderin iron renewer for 2 seconds. 5. Clean tip. I used copper coiled tip cleaner. 6. Add soldering wire again. This time my old tip took solder and held it. 7. Dip in product for 2 seconds. 8. Clean tip. E.g., with coiled tip cleaner

(Repeat as necessary)

Reviewed in the United States on September 2, 2023
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This is another example of a best soldering quality

It does do an awesome job of keeping my good soldering iron tips clean. For normal tip build up, after soldering a few connections, this does work like magic to clean the tip of my weller soldering iron. I leaves it nice and shiny, ready for my next connection. I didn’t just try this real quick, to whip out a review, I actually used magicpen solderin iron renewer for several weeks.

This Magicpen has become a regular part of my soldering ritual. If I didn’t have it now, I would feel like I’m missing something. I still use my regular tip cleaner, but not nearly as much as I did before I got this magicpen soldering iron cleaner. When I run out of this magicpen soldering iron renewer, or if I setup another soldering setup (at another location), I will be getting more of this magicpen tip cleaner. Highly recommended.

Will Miller
Reviewed in the United States on September 16, 2023
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It helped clean up an old weller soldering iron

I have as well has improve the new one I purchased the soldering iron renewer to replace the old one. Be sure to clean up any old carbon with steel wool or sand paper before attempting to clean up and tin your soldering iron tips.

Reviewed in the United States on September 2, 2023
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It’s easy to use, works well and is affordable

I’ve used magicpen soldering iron renewer multiple times at work. We have a lot of soldering iron equipment that has been used and neglected over the years. For the most part soldering iron renewer did a great job cleaning up soldering iron tips. It will help keep new tips new and make old tips better. I wouldn’t say magical but it is a great product and does work well. I do recommend this magicpen soldering iron renewer for easy soldering.


Solder Cleaning

The amount of money we spend on soldering iron tips is incalculable. In addition, solder paste, solder cleaning sponge, solder cleaning wire and other cleaning chemicals crack the coating on soldering iron tips used at high temperatures and make them solder-proof. Throw away all other products you use as cleaners. I have been testing Magicpen Solder Perfector for days and I recommend the product to all fellow electronics repairmen.

Aslan Kaplan

electronic repair service

In fact, detailed videos on the subject are available on the magicpen soldering channel on youtube. I have never recommended any product that I used and was not satisfied with to anyone, nor would I. I recommend it to everyone with peace of mind because I use it and I am satisfied. I can support and recommend the product of anyone who trusts his product, service, personality and character. As long as it benefits to electronic repair services.

Gurbuz Iletisim


I got rid of a big problem with the Magicpen solder perfector. My soldering iron tip was not taking solder. My problem was solved with Magicpen. It turned out as described in the videos I watched. My soldering iron tip is officially renewed. It seems like there will be no need to buy new soldering tips anymore. It is an excellent product for its price when you look at what it does.

Uzuner GSM

Use Your Tips Lifetime

No way without Magicpen. Very successful. I highly recommend it. It glazes the soldering iron tip and allows it to be used for a lifetime.

Nazım Seven

Soldering Iron Refurbishment

Forget everything you know about soldering. With Magicpen soldering iron tip refurbishment, our soldering iron tips shoot like they're on fire. Now soldering iron tips are easily refurbished, so there is no need to buy new soldering iron tips.

Celal Gok

Regenerates Soldiring Tips

Magicpen not only cleans the soldering iron tip, it also regenerates the tips. By creating a new layer, it renews the tips that are old and will be thrown away. Since the person who made the product is from the industry, he knows the industry and has solved a very important problem.

Murat Atmaca

Recommended for any technical service

The Magicpen solderin iron tip renewer is absolutely perfect, a must-have product for every technical service. I strongly recommend it to those who have not yet bought it, to those who are undecided. Don't regret it later. Thank you very much. May God bless your path.

Zeki Gol

soldering iron tip regenerator

Thank you very much for this super soldering iron tip regenerator that you brought to the electronics repair sector. The box, bottle, protective tape, user manual, thick solder wire in the box are all very high quality. It deserves its money more than enough. Do not confuse with acidic products such as salt spirit, ammonia, starch, dissolved chloride. No odor, smoke harmful acidic substances. Although I lowered the soldering iron temperature, it melted the solder very easily. Highly recommend.

Kaan Inebolu

You must Try magicpen

What kind of product is this? What the hell did you guys do? Where have you been all these years? Those who are curious, take it and use it. Those who say I don't buy without trying, those who say I don't trust anyone to vouch for me, come and try it in my repair shop.

Serhat Ince

soldering iron tip cleaner

I had the opportunity to try Magicpen soldering iron tip cleaner today. My soldering iron tip was blackened and did not hold solder. It worked very well. No residue, no corrosion left on my soldering iron tip. I think it's like a new generation paste. A very useful product. I recommend it to everyone.

Umut Dincer

high quality tip cleaner

Magicpen soldering iron tip renewer has arrived. The product is very nice and high quality. I would also like to thank my brother Nuri for recommending this product.

Taha Cengiz

Soldering Iron Tips

It made brand new soldering iron tips that you wouldn't buy if you saw them in the trash. I think Magicpen Solder Perfecter is a revolution for soldering. In 2 minutes, it cleaned my tips. I can easily use my soldering iron tips at 250 degrees.

Nuri Bahadır

even at low soldering iron temperatures

I tried and tested it. We lowered the soldering iron temperature by 100 degrees Celsius. The result is perfect. We recommend it.

Serhat Suleyman Akoglu

best soldering results

You won't believe your eyes at the results. First of all, I must say that I am honored and proud. Every time I open my page, I see magicpen posts. A product that will spread quickly.

Serdar Yetiz

Great solering iron tips

This is a great product. It made the soldering iron tips deformed by excessive heat to collect solder again. It is really very useful. I recommend it to everyone.

Mustafa Tayfur Karayağlı