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Find out how to fix soldering iron tips for optimal performance. Learn about the Magicpen soldering iron tip fixing application and how it can improve your soldering experience. Discover the benefits of using the Magicpen solution for cleaning and renewing soldering iron tips. Whether you use copper or normal tips, the Magicpen can significantly enhance the lifespan and effectiveness of your soldering iron tip.

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Magicpen Soldering Iron Tip Cleaning Application

In this article, we will discuss the Magicpen soldering iron tip renewal application published by Murat, owner of Elektrostr Youtube channel. We would like to thank Murat for sharing his Magicpen experience through this informative video. Quick 236 soldering station, Korad brand soldering iron and copper soldering iron tip. Since discovering Magicpen, he says he no longer feels the need to buy other soldering irons, including popular brands like JBC. Using Magicpen, you can easily solder with your copper tips at 200 – 250 degrees Celsius.

Here is a collection of worn soldering iron tips that need to be cleaned, including old and oxidized tips. To prepare the tips for refurbishing, you use a dremel or sandpaper to remove dirt and oxidation from the soldering iron tips. After cleaning, you apply soldering wire, preferably thick solder. Then, you lightly touch only the tip to the magicpen liquid. There are also those who do this first with magicpen liquid and then solder. After this process, you can wipe the excess solder and dirt from the tip with a napkin to prevent deformation. When you clean the soldering iron tip, which is still glazed with the help of Magicpen, with a solder cleaning wire, the glazed surface of your soldering iron tip may be scratched.

As a result, Magicpen soldering iron tip refurbishment offers a simple yet effective way to extend the life of soldering iron tips.

Fixing Copper Soldering Tips

Murat then goes on to demonstrate the effectiveness of the Magicpen tip by soldering the chassis of an S3 at 250 degrees Celsius. If you were to do this with standard soldering irons, it is very difficult to achieve the same results at this temperature. So we have seen how Magicpen can be used efficiently with the Quick 236 soldering iron. Of course, Magicpen’s good work is not limited to copper soldering tips.

With the universal tips, you can achieve excellent results at higher temperatures ranging from 310 to 320 degrees Celsius. However, the performance is even more remarkable when using copper soldering tips. In other words, Magicpen is also suitable for regular tips, thus increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your soldering work. Let’s try refurbishing a regular tip using Magicpen. First, you clean the old soldering iron tip using a Dremel or sandpaper. Once the tip is clean, you apply the Magicpen solution and then feed solder onto it. Or vice versa.

Many users have posted videos showing the shine and effectiveness of their soldering iron tips refurbished with Magicpen. To better demonstrate the Magicpen’s capabilities, Murat retries a normal soldering iron tip refurbishment process commonly found on the market. This special tip can now be used for everyday tasks at 310 degrees Celsius. Murat points out that some users even solder at higher temperatures, ranging from 370 to 380 degrees Celsius.

Magicpen emphasizes that it performs extremely well with both copper soldering tips and regular tips. As a result, Magicpen soldering iron tip refurbishment offers a simple yet effective way to extend the life of soldering iron tips. Whether using copper or regular tips, Magicpen Solder Solution significantly improves their performance. We hope this guide helps you understand the benefits of Magicpen and how it can enhance your soldering experience.

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